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Frequently Asked Questions

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    • What level am I? 

    Beginner to Early intermediate:

          • can play a melody with the right hand
          • can play basic triads with the left hand
          • can play simple pieces hands together
          • may or may not read music
          • may read music in the treble clef but be learning to read bass clef
    Mid-intermediate to Advanced:
          • can play more complex melodies, including cross-overs in fingering
          • can play a variety of bass patterns with the left hand
          • can read and play more intricate rhythmic patterns
          • is probably able to read in both clefs with relative ease
          When choosing your workshops, read the descriptions carefully to ensure that you have chosen ones that will contribute actively to your progress as a harp student. You will gain from all workshops regardless, even if they are beyond your current level. It is always a good idea to stretch your knowledge and explore new harp concepts.


        • Can I pay for and attend single workshops of my choice?

          No. Your registration fee is payment for all of the workshops and concerts from Friday evening through Sunday at noon. However, there is an optional attendance, full day Celtic Immersion program on Friday from 9am to 4pm which may be purchased singly.  Please note that, if registering for the Friday program only, concert tickets will need to be purchased separately. 

        • Will the concerts be open to the public?

          Admission to the concerts is included in the participant's registration fee. Extra tickets can be purchased with registration. Limited tickets are available for the general public. 

        • Where can I store my harp between events or at night?

          A Harp Corral will be available in a central location on the main floor Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. The Corral will open each morning at 8:00 a.m.  Volunteers will manage the placement and pickup of harps.  Participants who use this service are to recognize that they do so at their own risk.  Harps may be left in the workshop rooms during the lunch period as the rooms will be locked over the noon break.

        • What do I need to bring to the workshops?

          Your harp, your tuning wrench, a music stand and a tuner if the workshop is listed as hands-on. If it is described as a Conversation and Demonstration, harps are not required. We strongly recommend that you also bring a pickup attachment for your tuner as the ambient noise makes it difficult to tune without one. This is an example of a pickup attachment for your reference: Pickup Attachment

        • What if I want to rent a harp?

          We do not have a pre-arranged rental agreement this year. Please contact any of the vendors to request if they have harps for rent, or ask to be connected with a  Harp Buddy.

        • What if I change my mind during the fest weekend and wish to take a different workshop?

          You will be able to make changes to your personal itinerary each day. We only ask for your anticipated choices ahead of time so we can prepare sufficient handouts for each class.

        • What is expected of me in a workshop?

          Arrive on time and be tuned before the workshop begins. Respect the workshop provider’s instructions on recording devices as well as when questions may be asked. Remember to connect with others; there is nothing to be gained here from being shy! Above all, enjoy yourself!

        • How can I get private lessons?

          Some instructors will oblige a limited number of private lessons. Contact the instructor(s) personally to set up any desired appointment(s).

        • What will there be in the exhibit hall?

          In the exhibit hall a number of vendors will have harps, accessories, books and CD's for sale. See Vendors.

        • May I advertise and sell my harp at the harp fest?

          No. The exhibitors are the only merchants allowed on the premises. Any private sale arrangements will need to be done outside the purview of the Festival.

        • May I bring flyers or ads from my local luthier and leave them around for people to pick up?

          No. Advertising is strictly reserved for the exhibitors, presenters and/or artists attending the festival. If you have info about a non-profit harp-related event or organization, you may request permission from the Festival Director to display that material.

        • May I record the concerts?

          No. Copyright issues prohibit unsanctioned and unauthorized material ending up on YouTube and other places. The artists will have CDs for sale after each concert.

        • May I take a recording device into the workshops?

          This will be at the discretion of each presenter. Be sure to acquire permission from the workshop provider before recording any workshop content.

        • Why are there no pedal harps in the concerts or workshops?

          This is a folk harp festival, which by definition is a non-pedal harp event.

        • May children register for the Festival?

          With parental or guardian supervision on site and throughout the festival, children between the ages of 13 and 18 are welcome and may register at the student discount rate. Supervisors may audit the workshops. 

        • Are there opportunities for volunteers?

          Yes. If you are interested, send us an e-mail at Volunteer opportunity.

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        • What is INTERAC eTransfer?

          An Interac e-Transfer is a fast, secure and convenient way to send money to anyone in Canada from within the security of your online banking service. It uses email or text messaging for fast notification to the recipient that a transfer has been sent, while the participating financial institutions transfer the funds using established and secure banking procedures.

        • I filled my cart earlier and now, when I processed the payment, I see the charge is greater than what was listed before.
          There are deadlines on the various registration rates. Putting something in your cart will not automatically reserve that price for you if you process the order past the deadline for that period; it may have expired. Check the dates and deadlines here.
        • I saved my registration to my cart. Now I can’t see it.
          It is possible you changed devices. The cart will still be intact with your ‘products’ once you sign in with the device you used originally.

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      Accommodations & Location

        • Is food included in the Festival admission?

          No, but the NAV centre has a full-service restaurant with great food and a friendly atmosphere, and a fully licensed pub offering snacks and a selection of adult beverages.  There is also  a tuck shop offering Starbucks™.

          Lunch will be provided for the one-day special course on Friday.

        • Do you assign roommates?

          No. We strongly encourage you use the Harp Fest Facebook group to find a room mate.

        • What are the accommodations like?

          The NAV Centre is a full service hotel. All activities of the Festival will occur within the centre. Refer to their website (here) for more details on their amenities.  Be sure to take a moment and look through the beautiful photos of the site.

        • Where is the nearest airport?

          NAV Centre is a one-hour drive from airports in both Ottawa (McDonald Cartier International) and Montreal (Pierre Elliot Trudeau International).  If you don't want to rent a car from the airport a shuttle can be arranged through the NAV Centre.  Shuttle transportation must be arranged in advance.  The fee is $40 one way or $80 round trip plus taxes, and will be charged to your room. To arrange this or get more information please contact Céline Ouellette by email or call 1 (877) 832-6416. 

        • Is there parking at the hotel?

          Yes. Parking is complimentary for conference participants.  

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      Family & Friends

        • May I bring my significant other or a friend?

          Of course! There is plenty to do in Cornwall while you attend the workshops. Access to the vendor hall is free. When you register you will have an opportunity to buy extra tickets for the evening concerts for your friend/significant other.

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