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  • My first time – it was excellent. Well done! Very helpful! Loved the Friday all day workshop. Thanks and congratulations to all the organizers, & especially in view of the need to change venues. I look forward to the next one in 2017! 
  • I like having a ‘residential’ camp which allows for more networking & camaraderie .
  • A well organized festival, stimulating and interesting. Amazing work by a very small committee. Kudos for family members helping out. Thank you all so much. 
  • This year continued on a tradition of wonderful, useful sessions! 
  • A nice space. Fabulous volunteers! Friendly, helpful, you are all amazing! So glad I came! 
  • This was my first harp workshop. It was a lovely, inspirational time with helpful, inspiring teachers and friendly fellow students. 
  • I love the harpfest!
  • The memory of Northern Lights Harp Fest still burns brightly, warming up my music studio. Each class has given me a nugget of wisdom to enrich my time at the harp and the courage to try something a little out of my comfort zone.
    Before the festival, I played nothing from memory…not even happy birthday. I now have three pieces at my beck and call!
    Prior to Harp Fest the idea of improvising at the harp filled me with terror…..not anymore!
    My practice time is more productive due the suggestion of a practice journal.
    My Stoney End Harp has lost its annoying buzz, and my student's harp looks much better thanks to Tim Harper's class.
    But best of all, is what happened at Hospice…..
    I regularly play in the residence and once in a while I entertain at Day Hospice. The Day Hospice gig usually involves several of my friends and a sing-a-long, but this time I was on my own. So, armed with my repertoire of O'Carolan tunes, and my storytelling skills, I bravely combined the two into the Tale of Turlough O'Carolan. It was so successful, that now I must come up with a new tale for next time.
    Then, because my harp was on its new harp cart, I simply wheeled down the hall, through the lobby and played quietly for an hour in the residence….with a little improv here and there!
    Thank you all for a thoroughly delightful weekend.
  • Dear Chantal, Joanne, Kim and Sharon~
    I've been meaning to write to you to thank you for such a wonderful harp fest! I've now been to four different harp events (Southeastern Harp Conference, HarpArts, Beginning in the Middle, and Northern Lights)---and I wanted to tell you that I loved them all, but by far, enjoyed and got the most out of Northern Lights. You ladies did a fantastic job, and your attention to detail and caring and generosity were extraordinary.
    Thank you also for all of your help with my harp rental 'snafoo'---you dropped everything to come to my aid, and your help was so appreciated...thank you.
  • J’ai adore mes trois jours d’ateliers. L’équipe qui a mis sur pied ces ateliers et toutes les activitées qui en découlent en a fait un excellent travail. Merci infiniment pour tous ces efforts à ressembler ses ressources pour nous permettre un si bel événement.
  • Hello Ladies - thank you for all! I have just spent the most glorious day reviewing materials from Harpfest 2015! I learned so much I know I will be kept very busy until 2017!
    Be well & keep harping!
    Gina Marie