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Optional Celtic Immersion Day

Optional Celtic Immersion Day


Overview of the One Day Immersion in Celtic Music

For this full-day mini-conference, we will explore the wide repertoire of the Irish tradition - that is, the music of the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century harpers, the "slow airs", songs and dance tunes - with particular reference to the special rhythms and phrasing characteristic of the tradition and the approaches to harmony and accompaniment that are most appropriate. 

And we’ll learn some pretty tunes!

Particular attention will be paid to the specific fingering techniques necessary to create the ornaments that are integral to a stylistically authentic performance. 

The rhythms of Irish music are difficult to represent accurately in written form, so in order to avoid having to negotiate impossibly complex notation the established convention is to provide a simplified version only.  Written music will be available as you learn, which you’ll be shown how to interpret, but you will primarily learn the melody line by ear and by imitation. This allows you to get the authentic nuances that make this music so beautiful.  Do bring a recording device, too!

During the day we’ll also explore strategies to release personal creativity and increase the joy of playing. Topics include: listening with your ‘inner ear’; getting to the soul of a tune; phrasing and melodic line; musical ‘giving’ and the power of heartfelt performance.

So much music-making happens in your head. We’ll talk about concentration, thinking ahead and effective practising.

We’ll discuss the physical aspects of harping too. Topics will include:

solutions to postural issues and common problems; learning to relax and the relationship of relaxation with tone; warm-ups and exercises - what’s the difference?; technical development as a means of achieving transparency of musical intention.

It will be a great day for fun and learning!

Limited registration

No on-site registrations will be accepted.


Refund Policy - Your admission fee is transferable at all times. A full refund will be granted if you cancel before April 30, 2017. 50% refund will be granted if you cancel between May 1 and July 1, 2017. No refunds as of July 2, 2017.

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